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Parent Weekly Update - September 13

Good Afternoon, Monmouth Beach Families!

We have had a very successful week of firsts.........first day back to school in 6 months, first full day of school and first week complete!  The students and staff are doing a great job and have adapted to our new procedures.  We will make some small adjustments this week, but nothing major that will impact our overall plan.  Here is the rundown of important information as we head into Week-2.  
(1) Please be sure you complete the Daily Health Screening form each day.  We are checking them as students walk into the school.  All students who do not have a form on record will be taken to the nurse's office until we can reach an adult.  You must fill out an individual form for each child in your family.  
(2) Back-to-School Night is Wednesday, September 16 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.  It will be virtual and links will be provided for various sessions that you will be able to attend to meet your child's teachers and hear about all of the terrific things they will be doing this year.  I will send the finalized schedule and links to you by Monday afternoon via email. All you will do it log into the Google Meet using the link provided for the session.  The students have a 12:30 pm dismissal this day.  
(3) Mrs. Marino's Kindergarten students will enter the building a little differently in the morning.  Mrs. Marino will be gathering students in the grassy area by the Griffin Street entrance and walking the Kindergarten students through after the volume of bigger students get through.  This will help our youngest students to not be so overwhelmed and helps to keep them apart while waiting.  Please look for Mrs. Marino's area as you arrive tomorrow.  
(4) This week all students in Grades 1-8 will take the LinkIt Benchmark Assessment in ELA and Math.  It will be last year's end -of-year assessment and will help us to get a measure of skill loss from last school year.  Following this assessment, students will then take Benchmarks Fall-Winter-Spring for this year's content in ELA and Math to track standards progress throughout the course of the school year.  These assessments all take under 60 minutes even in our oldest grade levels.  Teachers in the younger grades will be breaking the assessment apart into smaller portions spread over the course of a few days.  The information we will gather from these assessments will help us to target instruction, facilitate intervention, and extend learning.  
(5) There will be a Cross Country Meeting for any student interested in participating this year.  We will have an internal season, but we will not be participating in a competitive schedule.  Once we see how many students have interest, we can figure out what practice will look like. 
(6) We still would like to move forward with our Field Hockey Team.  Similar to Cross-Country, our goal is an internal season only with skill-based practices.  This will enable our student-athletes to learn the basics before heading into a competitive schedule next year.  We also are going to try to allow those students that want to do Cross-Country and Field Hockey to do so.  In order to help facilitate what this looks like, I ask that if you have interest in participating in Field Hockey this year, you complete the following form as soon as possible:
(7) Our next BOE Meeting is Thursday, September 24 at 7 pm.  We will be honoring our Green Team for leading the charge in earning a Bronze Certification for Sustainable Jersey.  
(8) For those of you who did not see our school featured on News 4 with Brian Thompson, showcasing our school reopening, I have included the link. What a BIG honor for our little school. I am so incredibly proud of our staff and students.  They made this all happen!

(9) Now for some reminders: 
  • If you have not done so already, please complete the Health & Safety and Virtual Learning Parent/Student Acknowledgement Form:
  • If you have not done so, acknowledge the Parent/Student Handbook in Realtime.
  • Please refrain from dropping off items during the school day unless it is a true emergency. 
  • Once school has ended for the day, we must clear the grounds as quickly as possible to mark the end of the day.  
  • Please remind all students that when they are waiting to enter the building, they should be social distancing (I have been encouraging them to use their arms' lengths as a measuring stick). 
Thank you again for your support as we have opened school.  They say it takes a "village" to make things happen, and this is certainly a village I am grateful to be a part of!