Monmouth Beach PTO

  • The Monmouth Beach PTO is an organization founded by parents of Monmouth Beach students and Monmouth Beach School faculty members motivated to enhance the quality of education available to children attending the public Monmouth Beach School.

    With state and federal regulations severely restricting the use of taxpayer dollars allocated to the school budget, it is clear that these hard-earned dollars cannot be stretched to develop all of the programs needed to fully enrich our children's education. At the same time, continued value must be given to the public school system that serves the entire community. Therefore, there is a need to establish additional funding sources in order to support that system.

    With that goal in mind, the Monmouth Beach PTO will identify specific programs and projects to benefit the Monmouth beach Elementary School and establish fundraising efforts to support these programs. It will do so with the assistance of volunteers committed to the success of the Monmouth Beach Elementary School.

    The Monmouth Beach PTO will select programs and projects that will directly enhance the intellectual, cultural or physical education of all Monmouth Beach Elementary School Students. Fundraising efforts will be developed with respect for the rich history of Monmouth Beach and its citizens and with a sense of community and fun that celebrates its bright future. 

    All efforts of the Monmouth Beach PTO will focus upon what is in the best interests of the children of Monmouth beach.