• Dear Parents and Students:


    On behalf of the Monmouth Beach PTO, I would like to welcome you all back for the 2020-2021 school year.  As I sat down to type this letter, and this is my 23rd attempt, I am struggling for the right words to say.  As a parent, we are all living in this alternate universe of uncertainty and unchartered territories.  For our children, this school year will look like none-other and most likely present many challenges for them. So the questions arise…do I put on my 1987 cheerleading outfit, my biggest smile and rah rah rah everyone into the new year?  Or, do I dig out my vintage Doc Martens and black lipstick from my 90s Goth phase, and kick it dark and dreary?  I know, I know.  Both are extreme, and there’s no WAY I’m fitting into that cheerleading uniform.


    Instead, I say, let’s look at this as a brand new adventure.  Our school is equipped with state of the art technology to provide students with the best support for remote learning, and the administration, faculty, staff and BOE have worked tirelessly to prepare the school building to provide a safe environment for students who attend in person.


    We are so very happy to welcome Mrs. Jessica Alfone as our new Principal/Superintendent, and Mr. Christopher Harris as our new Vice Principal.  What an exciting time for the Monmouth Beach School!  Both Mrs. Alfone and Mr. Harris come to our school with a wealth of knowledge and experience that will surely prove to be inspiring in these troubled times.  And don’t forget about our amazing faculty and staff.  We have always been, and continue to be blessed with dedicated and caring personnel that I am confident will make the very best of this year!


    This year, The MBPTO has decided to coin the tagline…”The Year of Gratitude”.  We are grateful for so many people that have a positive effect on our world.  With that in mind, our Executive Board met earlier this summer and decided to forgo all major fundraisers for the year.  We have previously managed the budget in such a way that we have the resources to cover expenses for the year, and feel strongly that to try and solicit donations from businesses and families at this time is, well, just plain wrong.  


    In addition, for the start of the school year the Monmouth Beach PTO is proud to provide all students and staff with both a protective gaiter style face covering, and a MBS T-Shirt to start the new year off in style.  Please take a moment to fill out the following form as soon as possible so that we can order the appropriate T-shirt sizes.  It was my first time using a survey site, so go easy on me!  If you only have one child in the school, you can just answer questions 1&2 and skip to the end.  If you have more than 4 children in the school, well, I bow to you and you will need to start a new survey.


    If you would like to help us make our contactless deliveries before the start of the school year, please email me at carolinembpto@gmail.com.




    We will be conducting our monthly meetings both virtually and in person (weather permitting for social distancing) on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm.  Our first meeting will be Tuesday September 2nd.  We welcome all questions, suggestions, complaints and compliments…but mostly compliments.  Please feel free to reach out to the above email at any time.


    In summary…We’ve got this!  We will just do what Monmouth Beach does best.  Come together as a community to support each other, and make the best of the situation!


    Sincerely, and with best wishes,

    Caroline Quattrochi


    Monmouth Beach PTO

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