• As you know we began our first week of the winter season on January 19.  It is great to see our students back participating with their peers.  Our season will definitely be a modified one as many of our regular competitors are either suspending their seasons or they are temporarily on hold.  We will try and facilitate as many inter-school competitions as can be done, however, as with our fall season, we are committed to providing our students with experiences.  So even though our competition schedule will be altered and minimal this year, our kids will still get to play and compete internally.  
    Two important pieces of information for you to be aware of as we move forward with the season are as follows:
    (1) We will not be providing bus transportation to and from away games.  If we do have an away competition, parents will be required to pick up and drop off their child.  We will allow you to designate others to provide this transportation for your child if you are unable to, however, you must provide us with those individuals you consent to transport your child before the start of the season.  Individuals not on the list will not be permitted to provide a ride and coaches will have a list.  No exceptions will be made.  Please use the following form to agree to transporting your child and listing any others who may provide this transportation. TRANSPORTATION CONSENT FORM 
    (2) Because no spectators are allowed, we would like to try and live stream our home games.  Some of our competitors may also try to live stream away games.  Therefore, I am asking you to sign this waiver, which outlines that participation in a competition serves as consent to live stream.  Obviously this would only be used to celebrate our students' athletic efforts. If you have questions about the live stream, please reach out. I will be sending out additional information about where to access the stream by the weekend as our first home boys' game is Monday versus Eatontown.  LIVE STREAM WAIVER 
    Thank you again for your continued support in making all of this work and to provide our students with as many opportunities this school year as possible. You can reach out to your individual coaches regarding practice times and the full potential competition schedule.  
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