• See attached and order at www.monmouthbeachpto.org


    Chicken Tenders Thursdays

    Monthly orders must be placed by the following dates. OR, pay for all 12 weeks in full and enjoy a discount!

    April 1 for the month of April (3 weeks)

    April 29 for the month of May (5 weeks)

    June 3 for the month of June (2 weeks)


    Dear Parents:
    As we work out the kinks of our new lunch option, a few questions have come up. I will try to provide the information below.  If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to call or text me at 732-735-7043. We appreciate your patience as we work to create another lunch day. Because really, raise your hand if you hate making lunch as much as I do?!  
    Thank you,
    Caroline Quattrochi 
    *Chicken fingers will be provided by Cluck U.  Gluten Free will be Perdue Simply Smart. Tater tots are Ore-Ida brand. Ketchup packets will be available. No drink will be provided. 
    *Sorry for the confusion, but orders can be placed ONLINE ONLY at www.monmouthbeachpto.org
    Go to menu, then Chicken Finger Lunch
    * we are working to fix it, but in the meantime if you have a child in pre-K or Kindergarten simply put the number zero in the grade option when ordering. 
    Again, thank you for your patience!