As promised, today is the introduction of our new Summer Reading and Math Programs.  All students are expected to participate in these learning tasks over the summer to keep their skills sharp for September.  We have revamped the structure for both of these programs to increase engagement, motivation, and foster a love of learning.  
    Included in the below brochure are directions for participation, registration forms for our various book clubs, and links to all of the tools you will need to participate.  Please reach out to me or Mrs. Mergner if you have any questions along the way.  
    We are confident that this new structure will reinvigorate our summer learning efforts and provide a more significant level of engagement.  
    If you notice, there is no "formal" requirement for Summer Reading for Kindergarten.  This is because some of our students are still in the foundational reading stages and developmentally not ready to tackle a project aligned with a text.  We do, however, still want all of our students to be immersed in Literacy, which is why we went the route of optional story times for the summer. 
    Please continue to read with, and to, your child over the summer and practice those sight word lists.  If your child is an above grade level reader, please also feel free to access the Grade 1 Summer Reading assignment if you are so inclined.  
    The Math requirement applies to Kindergarten (rising 1st graders), as it is an online program that adjusts to the students' immediate levels.  


    Summer Reading and Math Brochures 2021