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  • Monmouth Beach School Safety Team

    Specialist:  Denise Sullivan

    Grades 5-8 Rep:  Jason Vastano

    Grades PreK - 4 Rep:  Barbara Brown

    Special Ed Rep:  Erin Deininger

    Parent Rep: Meghan Haynes

  • The purpose of the School Safety Team is to develop, foster, maintain, a positive school climate by focusing on the on-going, systemic process and practices in the school, and to address school climate issues, such as harassment, intimidation, and bullying.  Each school safety team shall meet at least two times per year.  The School Safety Team shall consist of the Principal or the Principal’s designee, a teacher in the school, the school Anti-Bullying Specialist, a parent of a pupil in the school, and other members to be determined by the Principal.  The Anti-Bullying Specialist shall serve as the chair of the School Safety Team.